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Valley Today Golf Lesson: Check Your Grip

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While the golf club hits the ball, it's your hands that can make a big difference in where the ball goes.

In this week's Valley Today Golf Lesson Edgewood head pro Greg McCullough walks us through a grip check.

Greg says he sees a lot of mistakes when people try to hang onto the club.

First of all, when you grip the club, always try to grip it with the club up in front of you.  When we grip it with the club on the ground your top hand will tend to turn to the left for a right-handed player.

Golf is a game of opposites, so when our hands turn to the left the ball goes to the right.  When our hands turn to the right, hopefully the ball goes more to the left.

When you take your grip start with the leading edge of the blade straight up and down.  What you're looking for on your hand is the "V" created by your thumb and forefinger should be pointing toward your right shoulder or right ear.

Your bottom hand, whether your interlock it, overlap it or baseball grip it, Greg says that doesn't really matter.  The important thing is to grip the shaft with your fingers and cover up the top thumb.

Greg also says if the ball consistently goes a certain way you can move your hands on the club to make it go the other way.

Greg offers variety of lessons for every level of golfer. For more information click here.

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