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Jamestown Plumber Says Sorry For Stealing From Homes

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A Jamestown man is apologizing. He admits to stealing from people's homes while on the job. "I made a bad decision, took advantage of them, and that's what I didn't want to do, so but whatever has to be done to pay them back, I'll do it," says Chad Gourneau, who is facing multiple charges for theft and burglary.

Police say he stole upwards of $20,000 of coins, jewelry, and silver while doing plumbing, heating, and cooling work inside people's homes in Jamestown.

Two people in Jamestown called our whistleblower hotline, concerned that Gourneau, who is also a registered sex offender, was working in their home.

"I'm not insured to take thing kind of hit," says James Hoffman, who says Gourneau stole from him.

Hoffman called a plumber back in February to come fix his furnace, "and the next thing you know there's things missing in my house," he says.

He soon to realize valuable coins were missing from his room.

"There are a lot of people out there in Jamestown right now that still don't realize they have stuff missing," says Hoffman.

The plumber that showed up to Hoffmans, was Chad Gourneau. Who admits to lifting things out houses he was working in.

"It was there, I took it, took advantage of it, and just making that choice there, it's ruined by life, ruined my career I had with plumbing company I was glad to work with," says Gourneau.

He is formerly employed at Pioneer Plumbing in Jamestown.

"I didn't want the burden anymore, I guess, I know I did wrong and the best way i figured I could take care of it was turn it back in," says Gourneau.

Police say he's cooperating, and so is the company that fired Gourneau right away.

"This guy was very trusting, he's charming," says Jamestown Police Detective Leroy Gross, who was on the case.

Police recovered more than $20,000 of valuables, but say there's still people out there that have no idea they got taken advantage of.

"If you have a service person, a stranger in your home, whether he is a service person, or a sales person, you need to be there, take the day off, take the afternoon off, figure out when they are going to be there, these people trusted him too," says Gross. Adding this happens more than you would think, so take precautions.

"A word to the wise, if you are thinking about doing it, don't it’s not worth it."

Police say they don't know how many houses he stole things from, but Gourneau was employed at pioneer plumbing for about 10 years.

He admits to Valley News Live he's stolen from at least 12 houses, but police believe it's more.

We tried reaching out to the plumbing company, no was working when we stopped by, and they did not return our calls.
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