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Deal gone sour: North Fargo man claims robbed at gunpoint

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FARGO, N.D. -- Fargo police are now investigating a case after the man said he was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday night. Police told us they have been actively pursuing several leads, but haven't made any arrests. 

Besides being held at gunpoint and stiffed 900 bucks, that's not why our victim, Joshua Ruggles, is livid. He's said the police force didn't take his case seriously, and that he was profiled.

"I came around the corner and the guy behind me put the gun to the back of my head, made my lay on the floor right here," said Joshua Ruggles. "The guy in front of me went through my pockets and took all my stuff out of my pockets.

Joshua Ruggles told Valley News Live he met two men who were an acquaintance of a buddy of his. He was expecting to buy a car from them. Instead Ruggles claims he was lead into an apartment complex through a back door, held at gunpoint and stripped of all possessions besides the clothing on his back...saying the men escaped out the front door.

"I just got to give him what he wants," said Ruggles. "I'm either going to live or die after it."

Petrified he didn't hesitate with the requests and handed over 900 bucks, his wallet and cigarettes. Ruggles called 911 around 6:30 p.m. and two Fargo police officers responded. He said police didn't do enough to track down the alleged robbers.

"They went out and looked for the men for about two minutes, came back and they started question me like I was lying, like I was a drug user," said Ruggles. "They kept throwing it in there that this only happens to people when drugs are involved."

"There are certainly some things we'd hoped that would pan out better," said Lt. Vettel spokesperson from the Fargo Police Department. 

Ruggles said he was only carrying a load of cash because, he sold his truck the night before. Fargo Police have a different story and told us a total of five officers, half the force on duty, were assigned to the search and that there is a process in place for search and seizure. 

"I think sometimes there's an expectation were going to have a dozen cops to be able to respond to one location," said Lt. Vettel. "And, unfortunately we just don't have those numbers to do that."

Now, police are looking to build up a case that's strong enough to prosecute. They said that's why it can take several weeks to make an arrest and turn around often isn't as quick as victims would like.

Police believe they will issue a warrant and make an arrest shortly.

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