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Valley Today Golf Lesson: Hit It Closer With The Clock System

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Normally when you're out on the golf course a clock is the last thing on your mind.  But if you're having trouble controlling your distance inside 100 yards it's time to change your thinking.

In this week's Valley Today Golf Lesson Rose Creek Assistant Pro Adam Haugen shows us how a clock, some tape and a sharpie will have you hitting it closer to the hole in no time. Adam says one thing he sees with a lot of mid to high handicappers is when they get inside 100 yards they really struggle with their distance control.

The "Clock System" with wedges really helps people tighten that up and get a lot more consistent with wedge shots.

When we think about a clock, where that club position is at set up is about 6 o'clock.

Adam says he then has a 7 o'clock swing and a 9 o'clock swing with all his wedges.

With the 7 o'clock swing, concentrate on your left arm not the club.  When your left arm gets to about 7 o'clock that's where your swing stops.  

After you set the 7 o'clock swing take some tape and write the distance on the club.  That will give you reminder of how far you're hitting your wedges.

A good time to do this is to come out on the range in the morning.  Adam, will set buckets up starting at about 30 yards and then every 10 yards after that so he gets a good idea of how far his shots are going.

The "Clock System" is a great way for amateurs to tighten up their shots inside 100 yards because that's where players can loose a lot of strokes.

Adam and the other pros at Rose Creek offer variety of lessons for every level of golfer. For more information click here.
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