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"Humans of Fargo" creator said her photos have been stolen

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FARGO, N.D. -- Photographer and page creator, Kaytlin Dargen, snaps all the photos posted on this site. But now, another page called "Lizard People of Fargo" have posted 27 of Dargen's photos on their parody page. The catch: they're claiming the photos as their own.

Capturing and savoring a memory in the moment their lens flickers open, it's what all photographers strive to reach. 

"I'll never be able to shake that feeling," said "Humans of Fargo" page creator, Kaytlin Dargen. "I just know that's what i need to do for the rest of my life."

Fargo's North High Senior Kaytlin Dargen is passionate about one thing, photography. And she put that passion to work by creating the Facebook page, "Humans of Fargo"...boasting 9,000 loyal fans and based off of the famed "Humans of New York" page. But, just Wednesday she discovered another page was posting her precious photos as their own. 

"This page "Lizard People of Fargo" have stolen 27 of my photos now," said Dargen. "You know, they're my photos and I don't want them up there and that's that."

But, Dargen said it's more than the issue of not giving her pictures credit. 

"It's that they're making fun of our subjects, who trusted us with an interview, trusted with a photo," Dargen told us.

Dargen and her family are prepared to fight for her art in court. 

"To see the frustration that she feels that, you know, there's people out there that don't respect her work, it's very sad," said Victoria Dargen, Kaytlin's mother. "It makes me angry."

Valley News Live did some digging and found out the Dargen's can takes this to civil court for fair use, criminal intent, harassment or on disorderly conduct charges. It all depends on how the photo is being used and what content is said, like comments designed to hurt a person's reputation.

"There is a statute under North Dakota law with respect to criminal defamation," said Tristian Vandestreek and attorney at the Cass County Attorney's Office. "So, if they were used in a defamatory manor it would be possible to bring charges. That all depends on precisely what's said and how they're used. of course there are also copy write issues."

In the end, Dargen just feels it's unethical.

"It's like it shouldn't even be a matter of like legality," said Dargen. "This is about ethics, people are getting their feelings hurt."

We also reached out to Rob, the creator of the "Lizard People of Fargo" Facebook page. But, he was only willing to speak to us if we kept him anonymous, filmed his as a silhouette and changed his voice.

Dargen has asked him take down her pictures, but he is refusing to. 

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