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Why Is Microsoft Not As Popular As It Once Was?

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Microsoft announced on Thursday they will be cutting 18,000 jobs within the next year. The company says they are simplifying the organization since they recently purchased Nokia in April. More than twelve-thousand of the cuts are former Nokia employees. Microsoft says a majority of the layoffs will be in Europe, but officials with the company says about 400 people in California received pink slips, according to the federal Warn Notices sent out.

Fargo's Microsoft location has nearly 900 employees. On Thursday, Fargo campus leader Don Morton met with Senator John Hoeven and says Microsoft does not expect layoffs locally. The company-wide layoffs, leave some asking why isn't Microsoft as popular as it once was?  Valley News Live spoke with some tech experts about what they see and hear from consumers.

"The new innovations of the tablets, smart phones and mobile devices, has Microsoft left by the wayside and they don't have anything that consumers want," says Blueprint Computer Solutions Senior Network Engineer Brian Schott. 

Schott says, he thinks, Microsoft is stuck in the 1990's and feels “too corporate.”

"They have the windows operating system, Microsoft Office, the server lines for businesses, but nothing really to compete with Apple," Schott explains.  

Now-a-days it seems like everyone has a iPhone or Android device. At Gadget Garage in Fargo, they say a small percentage of people actually like the Windows phones, from what they’ve noticed.

"About two out of ten people love the Microsoft phone but the rest are searching for the Androids," says Gadget Garage master tech Kris Klocke. 

Klocke says another reason people dislike Microsoft phones is because of the lack of apps. He says Microsoft has just under 200,000 apps which is nothing compared to the million-plus apps Apple has. Schott says many Microsoft products have fallen flat in the past like their music player, the Zune.

"Microsoft should take lessons from what they learned in the past with their failures, but I don't think they’re doing that."  says Schott.

One Microsoft product that has been profitable is their tablet, the Surface. Schott says he thinks one reason Apple is so popular is because of their youthfulness. He adds that with Microsoft's purchase of Nokia, he has heard they will continue to stay in the mobile market.

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