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News Of West Nile Launches Grand Forks Mosquito War

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   Grand Forks has launched an all out war against mosquitoes, after tests revealed some of those bugs were carrying the West Nile virus. So far, officials are not reporting any human cases of West Nile in the northern valley.
  Eighteen separate crews have fogged the entire City of Grand Forks. Thirteen-thousand acres in an effort to kill the type of mosquito that’s most active between sunset and 1 a.m.. It’s the type of mosquito that bites birds that are infected with West Nile, and then spreads it to people.

Todd Hanson, GF Mosquito Control: “So, they’ll pick up the virus from the birds. Occasionally they’ll switch over and draw a blood meal from a human. They end up transmitting the virus to us and we get sick.”

  Crews were also out today, throwing larvicide pellets into storm drains and any standing water they find around town.

  Hanson says it’s important to make sure you don’t have any standing water on your property. He says if you do, give the City a call and they’ll treat it with larvicide to stop those mosquitoes.

  Hanson says to simply keep yourself and pets indoors, when they’re spraying your neighborhood. He says the chemicals used to fog the City, actually break down as soon as they’re exposed to morning sunlight.

Todd Hanson: “They break down rapidly. These products don’t build up in fatty tissue or anything. So, it’s nothing you have to worry about.”

And Hanson says the chemicals in their larvicide pellets are also safe to humans and pets. He claims they’re less toxic than table sugar. And all of it is being used to now stop the very real threat of West Nile disease.

    It’s also recommend that you where mosquito repellant, especially during the evening hours.

   If you’d like to learn more about the chemicals being used in this mosquito war, click on the link below:


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