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Valley Today Golf Lessons: Aim Right, Not Right

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It seems like the most basic thing, if you want to hit the golf ball at the hole you need to aim at the hole.  But you'd be surprised how many people don't, and don't even know it.

In today's Valley Today Golf Lesson Rose Creek Assistant Pro Adam Haugen shows us a couple easy ways to make sure you're lined up right, and not to the right.

Adam says one of the biggest things he sees with people on the lesson tee is they are lined up improperly.  They tend to aim a lot to the right.  

We've all see the guys who get up on the golf course and hold the club at their waist and aim it at their target.  What they're doing is actually aiming themselves to the right.

When you set your club back down, even though your feet are aiming at the target, the line that is coming out of the club is aiming us to the right.

To correct this problem on the driving range you can use alignment rods or clubs.  Take one and line it up at your target.  That will set the club at your target and if you set up your feet parallel to that they will actually be aiming left of the target on a parallel line.

When you get on to the golf course and stand behind your shot.  Try to pick out an intermediary target like a divot or broken tee about a foot or two in front of your ball.

It is a lot easier to line up to that instead of something a couple hundred yards away.

Adam and the other pros at Rose Creek offer variety of lessons for every level of golfer. For more information click here.

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