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Using Dog DNA to Catch Pet Owners Not Cleaning Up Waste

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Finding a place for you and your furry friends isn't always so easy but it's what Valley Rental says it's known for and now it's coming with a messy cost. 

 Even the health department told Valley Rental some of its apartments are violating health codes with the amount of dog waste on the property and to stop it now will mean taking your dog's DNA, making for some not-so-happy renters.

Outside Urban Meadows is just a little yard and it means everything to Arya and her owner Nick Burington.

"I always like to play around in this area with her," Burington said.

But running into an unwanted surprise is inevitable.

"It's just ridiculous. They provide bags for us and a close place to throw the waste so I don't understand, it's not too hard to clean up after them," Burington said.

Though these renters take the time to pick up after what their companion leaves behind, Valley Rentals has been dealing with it's fair share of mess on many of it's properties that allow dogs and it's more than dealing with a bad smell.

"The number of man hours and labor that goes to clean up the waste is substantial and that becomes a cost directly to the property," Tom White,

Valley Rental Operations Manager, said. 

After doing all he could by warning his renters and still having the health department show up, nothing was working.

"It gets into storm drains, water run offs and it just causes treatment issues," White said. 

He was left with few options, either make all 800 of his pet friendly units not so friendly or charge an animal rent. Instead he went with bringing a fresh idea to Fargo, a one time charge for Doggie DNA testing.

"I think honestly it's a big waste of money," renter, Nicole Lloyd said.

"DNA testing might be a little absurd," Burington said.

A swab of your dogs mouth and they have the "poo-print" to track and match it to any waste found on the lawn, costing you 300 bucks for not scooping  up and if it happens again your lease could be terminated.

"If they want to do the DNA, fine but don't charge us," Lloyd said.

A price of 50 dollars to help make sure any mess from your four-legged friends isn't left behind in a yard they all share.

Dog DNA kits are used in bigger states like Texas but Valley Rental says it believes it's the first in fargo to implement the system to renters. 

The company also added it will not make any profit off of this new testing. 

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