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Motivational Monday: Get Toned for Summer

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In our Motivational Monday, the stars are flaunting their fabulous bikini bodies on social media, but you may not ready to show so much skin. Don't worry there's a workout you can do called Tabata Training, it only takes four minutes and you can do anywhere! 

Chris Hemsworth and Vanessa Minnillo are fans, the key is alternating 20 second moves with ten seconds of rest. 

1. Start with the bear crawl.

     Travel towards the front of the mat, come back to the back of the mat and then jump up and bring your feet together. You want to move as fast and as hard as you can to exhaust and rest.

2. The scissors lunge.

3. A modified plank

        Bring your left knee in towards your elbow, hug that lower belly in. This is an all over body chiseler.

Diet's important too! To trim the fat fast, Celebrity Nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella recommends the So-Cal Cleanse. If that's not your thing, ditch soda, alcohol, deli meats and protein bars.

"Protein bars, which a lot of people reach for in a pinch, are really packed with sugar most of the time. and you want to avoid that," says Pasquella.

Dropping dairy, as well as gluten rich foods like breads and pasta - will also help you beat the bloat. 

"I love avocado, I love coconut oil things like nuts and seeds and beans, lentils, all of those are packed with protein and fiber, so you're going to be full for hours," says Pasquella.

And adding spicy peppers and cinnamon can help speed up metabolism! Pasquella also says its important not to get stuck in a rut and make sure you take one goal at a time so you don't get discouraged. 
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