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Valley Today Golf Lesson: Get Your Chip Shots Close

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It seems so easy on TV.  We see the pros chipping from just off the green and they knock it right next to the hole or in the hole almost every time...
In this week's Valley Today Golf Lesson, Rose Creek Head Professional Matt Cook shows us how to get our chips just as close.

Matt says one of the big mistakes that he sees amateurs make that they always want to try and help the golf ball up in the air.

They either one fall back away from their target or their right hand too involved and feel like they have to scoop the golf ball up or the handle of the club will lift up and towards the target as they try to help the golf ball up in the air.

But a chip shot should really be lower trajectory and one that we try to run the golf ball up to the hole.

The way to do this is keep your feet fairly close together, about a 3 to 4 inch base.  You want to place the golf ball just back of middle of your stance.  Have a little bit of lean forward to keep your weight towards your front foot and towards your target and then you want to pivot around your left or front foot.

They other thing you should notice in your chip shot swing is that the swing itself, the arm swing, does not have to be very long.  The length the handle travels is pretty short compared to the length the club head travels.

Follow this setup and you should hopefully hit it somewhere close.

Matt and the other pros at Rose Creek offer variety of lessons for every level of golfer. For more information click here.
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