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Governor Says Warroad & Other MN Town's Flood Fights Will Be Funded

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  Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton is still unsure, whether a special session of the Legislature will be needed to fund flooding fighting efforts in places like Warroad.

  Today, crews wrapped up work on a half mile long levee to protect the City from Lake of the Woods.

  Clay was packed between concrete barriers and plastic was spread over the top of the structure to guard against water erosion. Then, sandbags were placed on top of the plastic to keep it from blowing away.

  Heavy rains in recent days have pushed the lake to its highest level in a decade.

  The biggest fear at Warroad are high winds. It’s 40-miles across Lake of the Woods to the other side. Sustained, high, northeasterly winds could pile the water up and cause a storm surge here in Warroad.

Wade Steinbring, Emergency Manager: “Exactly, again the winds are the wildcard in fighting this flood, which is more of a coastal flood than what we’re used to. The wind is the wildcard.”

  Five miles north at Springsteel Resort, sandbags are in place, but the waves are already pounding away at the shoreline.

Kent Peterson, Springsteel Resort: “We sandbagged some spots where the waves were crashing over the rip-rap and into people’s years. Generally speaking, a lot of the home shouldn’t flood. But, it’s the erosion that’s the huge problem.”

  Governor Dayton toured this area today. He says with flooding problems all over the State, he may have to ask for a special session of the Legislature to get communities the flood fighting money they need.

MN Gov. Mark Dayton: “Whether the three-million dollars the Legislature appropriated for the new, Emergency Assistance Program is enough or not, we’ll find out when the water recedes and people can make those computations. If it’s not enough, we’ll go back in a special session and get more. We’re going to give people the help they need.”

  And flood fighting costs will just keep rising.  It could be a month or more before the Lake level drops here, taking this town out of the danger zone.

   Officials in Warroad and other flooded towns across Minnesota, simply haven’t had time yet to add up the total cost of their flood fights and damages.

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