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Valley Today Golf Lessons: Stop Slicing Your Drives

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Keeping the ball in the fairway is a pretty important part of golf, especially with the driver.

And you're one of those folks where some times the ball goes left and others it slices off right a couple quick changes could make a big difference.

In today's Valley Today Golf Lesson Osgood Assistant Pro Chris Howell shows us how to help keep our drives on the short grass.

Chris says that when we hit big slices and big hooks it's often because we're coming "over the top."  That means you're are leading with your upper body and pulling it which is going to make the ball stay left or slice back to the right. 

To help fix it do a double check and make sure you have a proper grip.  Hold the club in your fingers with your left hand with the thumb and forefinger pointing at your back shoulder.  It's similar with the right hand with the thumb and forefinger pointed at the back shoulder.

With that make sure your ball position is proper.  It should be just off your left instep with your feet outside shoulder width.

Finally, to help with your club path, try and swing the club at the target.

Chris and the other pros at Osgood offer variety of lessons for every level of golfer.  For more information click here.
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