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Mother Asking Questions After 5 year-old Nearly Drowns

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 A mother wants answers after her 5 year old son nearly drowned during a summer school program, "Why my son end up there? Why nobody was with him, and nobody come to us and say this is what happened, I have why, why, why, why," says Halima Mohamed.

Su Haib Elmi, the 5 year-old from Jamestown boy is recovering and a mother is asking questions after the boy was found unconscious in a pool on a school field trip. He was pulled from 5 feet of water.

After getting little information about what lead up to the near-tragedy, the mother called our Whistleblower Hotline asking us for help.

Su Haib was swimming in the Jamestown Municipal Swimming Pool run by Jamestown Parks and Recreation. He was on a field trip when he nearly drowned. He recovered in the hospital, after lifeguards performed CPR. His mother, Mohamed, was worried about him going swimming because he doesn't know how.

"We are human being, we make mistake, I'm not saying why the mistake happened, but I mean I want to know why the mistake happened, and nobody came to us and said sorry this is what happened Halima, that's all, but I am not getting any answer from them," says Mohamed.

So, we went to work to try and figure out what happened in the pool and why the boy was allowed in the deep end.

Doug Hogan, Director with Parks and Rec says when non-swimmers are in the deep end they should be arm’s length from a supervisor.

"Someone should have been aware of where the children are at, well he's a non-swimmer, he should be in the wading pool, that type of thing, making sure they don't just run out and jump right in, into the water, because the children, they don't know," says Hogan.

We spoke with the director of the summer school program, Amy Walters, over the phone. She tells us this is the first time something like this has happened. So, as far as protocol, it really depends on the situation. She says she was not here at the time, so she does not feel comfortable telling me what happened at the pool. She then referred us to the police report to find those answers.

The police report says that Mohamed did ask police why no one was watching her son, but nowhere in the report does it say where staff members were at the time he got into the deep end of the pool.

"There are still some questions and answers that will have to be determined,” says Hogan.

Parks and Rec, and the summer school program alike say they are going over everything that happened. Making changes if they need to.

"Its going to be a situation where they may have felt, like they had enough staff enough supervision, but I guess more is better, the way I see it, and hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again," says Hogan.

But, as far as Mohamed, she's not letting her son attend summer school in Jamestown any longer.

"Where's the people I trust to my son?" asks Mohamed.

In the police report, it does say the officer that responded gave Mohamed his number, and said to call if she has any questions.

Walters, the summer school director told us the same. That she's open to having a conversation with Mohamed.
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