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Reducing The Risk Of Getting A Wet Basement

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The smallest of cracks could become a costly problem for home owners. Thousands of dollars are spent fixing problems in basements after leaks and flooding happen. Basement experts say there are some ways home owners can try to prevent this from happening.

"Any crack in the foundation water can still penetrate through there, and then if you think about our freezing the water coming in there and expanding the crack can keep opening up more and more." says Adam Johnson with Innovative Basement Systems, "Water can find it's way in there and if it's behind sheetrock you're not going to notice it's a problem until your basements wet."

It isn't just cracks, poor lot drainage could lead water into your home.

"Make sure you have positive grades going away from your house so you don't create a mote around your house." Adam says, "Make sure the down spout extensions are going away from the house, not along side it, and the same for the sump pump discharge line."

Adam adds a Sump Pump is needed in the Red River Valley to drain water as well as a backup battery to keep it running during power outages.

"In the times your going to need it the most is during a thunderstorm, and a lot of times we can lose power in the area that we are in, so we want to make sure that when we need it that backup battery power system is going to be in place so if the power goes out the sump pump is still working properly." Adam says.

If water finds a way in the basement of your home, experts say the humidity level needs to be down to help dry it out right away.

"We can come in and assess what's going to go on and what we need to do to prevent it with a interior drain tile system called WaterGuard." Adam says.

To find out more information on what you can do to protect your home, or to contact Innovative Basement Systems click here.

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