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UPDATE:BCI Meets With Fargo Police After Tuesday Chase

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Fargo Police continue to express some big concerns about how the North Dakota BCI handled this week's wild chase through the FM area.

"Sending non-uniform officers into the mall with their weapons displayed was not the best tactic, there were other options available to those officers that i think would have been a much better approach," says Fargo Police Chief, Keith Ternes.

The Director of North Dakota's Bureau of Criminal Investigation came from Bismarck to Fargo to listen to those concerns. After the high speed chase that tore through a Moorhead golf course, and ended with guns drawn inside West Acres Mall.

Fargo Police, and West Acres Mall management told the BCI today that they are not happy with officers entering the mall in plain clothes with guns in hand.

Even more upsetting to them, they say they were left out of the loop, and communication was lacking.

After the meeting, we tried to talk to the director of BCI, Dallas Carlson to get your questions answered as to what exactly happened with this high speed chase and arrest.

Carlson wouldn't comment, directing us to their media relations.

Liz Brocker with the office of attorney general says after a further look, they determined the BCI agents did not violate any agency policies.

"They understand that the position they put us in through the tactics they used was very undesirable for us, and it was nice to have that acknowledgement, and even better than that is that we work together moving forward to come up with better solutions in situations like that," says Chris Heaton, West Acres Mall Property Manager.

"I don't want to minimize or diminish what happened, because I am very, very sensitive to the malls perspective in this. They are left now to try and explain and provide some guidance to the mall, I think the community as a whole deserves some sort of explanation of what happened, and what might change in the future,” says Ternes.

Fargo Police remain at odds with the way BCI handled things at West Acres. A spokesperson told us a few moments ago, that they disagree with the tactics, even if BCI says they've done nothing wrong.

West Acres Mall had its own meeting this morning with shop owners to discuss concerns further trying to clear the air.

Heaton says everything happened so quickly that many of the people in the mall at the time had no idea what was going on.


The list of those concerned is growing after last night's police chase through a golf course in Moorhead, which ended at west acres mall in Fargo.

34-year-old Kendall Feist was arrested.

Records say Feist was wanted on two charges of stolen property and one charge of meth delivery.

Now that list of concerned it started with golfers and now includes those in law enforcement and officials are at the mall.

"I kinda froze thinking, is this really happening, or didn't really know what to think at the time I guess," says Cody Fuller, who was golfing at the Village Green Course. As a pickup and several squad cars rolled through hole number 8.

"There was one point, right when he came in the water, and his pickup faced me, and it looked like he was coming at me, and that was a little scary right away," says Fuller.

Others were unnerved as well including those at the west acres mall, where Feist was eventually arrested by officers with the bureau of criminal investigation.

"They had their weapons drawn, which is not something we are happy about, because they were dressed in plain clothes for the most part," says Chris Heaton, Property Manager at West Acres Mall.

Mall officials say they would like to have been notified. By the time, they found out, Heaton says it was over. For Fargo Police, they too, feel they were out of the loop.

"The reaction of individuals, when they saw armed individuals in the mall, you can recognize a certain amount of panic," says Lt. Joel Vettel, with Fargo Police.

For Vettel and Fargo PD, they have more questions for BCI, and Moorhead Police. The answers could come following an internal investigation that has been ordered.

"Is it better off safety wise to allow that person to get away, and try to arrest them at a later time," says Vettel.

"The preliminary investigation that the administration does certainly did have some concerns, and for that reason has been assigned to a commander to do a full investigation," says Lt. Tory Jacobson, with Moorhead Police.

The mall is meeting tomorrow with store representatives, who may also voice their concerns.

We should point out; we are told that there is security video showing the plain clothes officers with guns in hand at the mall.

We asked for it, but the mall denied our request saying it was for their use as well as law enforcement.    


The Moorhead Police Department is now conducting an internal investigation to determine if what they did in that chase last night -- including tearing across a Moorhead golf course -- was appropriate.

Valley News Team's Mellaney Moore questioned the department today searching for answers and talked to those who witnessed the chase.

It's a chase that started in Moorhead, went through a golf course, an active construction site and ended up at West Acres Mall in Fargo. Only person was arrested-- 34-year-old Kendall Feist-- wanted for two charges of stolen property and one charge of meth delivery.

Citizens and law enforcement are taking a second look at the actions of Moorhead police.

"The preliminary investigation that the administration does certainly has some concerns and for that reason it's been assigned to a commander to do a full investigation," says Moorhead Police Department Lieutenant Tory Jacobson.

The department says they will be compiling all audio and video as well as the information known at the time.

"We can see what information was learned, what actions were taken, were they appropriate, were they consistent with law and policy and ultimately that goes through the chain of command all the way to the chief of police," he says.

When we asked Jacobson about what happened last night, he sidestepped the golf course chase until we pressed him on the issue.

"They ended up in the golf course area...uh, I don't know where I want to go with this...." he says.

The department says in a release that the pursuit at Village Green Golf Course was terminated for public safety, but it's unclear at what point.  Ben Welle saw it happen from his home window.

"I saw three cops chasing a car down three fairway and then they ended up ramping three green into my neighborhood back over there," says Welle.

It didn't stop there...

"...Came on eight and then they came down six and then they came down the driving range which is right here," he says.

Jacobson told us later in a phone interview that police don't always know "why" they are chasing a subject. He said "many times the police pursue people fleeing from a warrant without knowing what the warrant is for."

Fargo police said they didn't join the pursuit because the situation didn't meet Fargo's requirements for a chase.

Feist is being held at the Cass County Jail with fresh felony and misdemeanor charges.

Video of the chase courtesy of Terry Kragero and Ben Goehring.



Moorhead Police say internal affairs will be reviewing an officer-involved high-speed chase that tore through a golf course Tuesday evening.

The Moorhead Police Department had officers involved in a vehicle pursuit Tuesday evening at approximately 7:00 p.m.  Officers were chasing a man with several Felony Warrants, after having been notified by the North Dakota BCI that the suspect was in Moorhead.

In this case, as in all police pursuits involving Moorhead Police Officers, an administrative review is conducted to evaluate the circumstances and to ensure that officer conduct was appropriate, necessary, and complied with departmental policy. 

As a result of the preliminary review of Tuesday's chase, it will be assigned to a member of the Command Staff who will conduct an internal affairs investigation.  In addition, the Moorhead Police Department will be re-evaluating their current Vehicle Pursuit Policy to ensure that it complies with the Moorhead Police Department’s mission of assuring the safety of the public.  

The suspect was ultimately apprehended in Fargo at the West Acres Shopping Mall.


A man is in custody after a wild police chase Tuesday night that went through a Moorhead golf course and finally ended at the West Acres Mall in Fargo.

It started about 7:00 Tuesday night when Moorhead police tried to arrest Kendall Scott Feist who was wanted on several Felony warrants.  Feist led officers on a high-speed chase through the Village Green area.  Police called off their pursuit after the suspect drove through the Village Green Golf Course.

Feist's truck was spotted again getting onto I-94 Westbound and Moorhead Police once again started chasing him.  They again called off the effort when the vehicle approached the 25th Street construction zone in south Fargo and officers noticed several construction workers.

Fargo Police eventually spotted the suspect vehicle parked in the West Acres Mall parking lot.  After calling in a helicopter and setting up a perimeter agents with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation located Feist hiding in a dumpster and arrested him.

Feist is being held in the Cass County Jail on several outstanding warrants.  He's also facing several new Felony charges including Fleeing Police, Criminal Damage to Property and Careless Driving.
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