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Credit Report Mistakes Local Woman As Dead

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"I'm like, that's not right she's living, she's not deceased," says Patty Mary, a local woman who is taking care of her mother, Nurreen Marth.

Marth was trying to finance a new bed, but after a credit report, she was turned down, but not for bad credit.

The letter she received from the bank told her, she was dead!

She called our Whistleblower hotline, trying to figure out where the wrong facts came from.

"It's creepy in many ways, but I don't know what to do," says Mary.

Marth is 81 years old, and the she got a letter reads, “Applicant is deceased.”

"I don't know if this is really a dispute, you got your facts wrong," says Mary.

Marth is alive, and well, with a credit score that's considered really good.

"Sometimes I think it's just a keying error. When someone is entering someone's social security number, and it might just be one digit off. It might be one digit of the deceased person, so inadvertently the person who is still living has their information compromised on their credit report," says Karen Anderson, CEO at a Federal Credit Union. She thinks it's a mistake on someone's end. But, the mess it leaves is difficult to clean up.

"It does happen, sometimes incorrect information is reported on credit reports, it's a good idea to review your credit report so you know your information is correct," says Anderson. She has seen people go years without realizing there's a mistake on their report.

"It's really your responsibility to do so, you think that it's someone else, but it's really your responsibility," says Anderson.

But it's something that you have to do.You can't do much without credit. In Marth's case you can't have any credit if you have passed away.

"She does not use the internet, nothing really modern, and how many other people are out there like her?" asks Mary.

Anderson says it's typical for people to be overwhelmed.

"If you have an elderly parent, you need to want to check into this, especially if they are not technology savvy, there might be some stuff going on," says Mary.

Advice from Anderson, come sit down with an expert.

Anderson says you should do a credit check once a year, on https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action

We reached out to the bank that sent the letter to Marth. They told us they're going to investigate the matter, and speak with her.

We also tried talking with the credit company, but they haven't returned our call.
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