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Good Samaritan returns large chunk of cash

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ADA, N.D. -- Losing a chunk of bills is no fun and in most cases it's long gone by the time you notice that it's missing, but not always. Recently,  a good Samaritan returned several hundred dollars to a woman who dropped her money outside of a Subway in Ada, Minnesota.  Valley News Live spoke to the local hero about this act of honesty.

It was an act of kindness from 17-year-old Jordan Spaeth. He discovered a wad of cash outside of Subway and returned all of it to Myrna Larson.

"When you drop money out of your pocket where would you look?", Myrna Larson asked.

Down 750 bucks Larson never expected to see her hard earned cash again.
"I think my husband was more upset", said Larson. "He said, 'how much did you lose?', I said 'a couple hundred'. He said, 'how can you lose a couple hundred dollars?'. I don't use a money clip, I just roll it in my pocket."

"Hundreds fell out of Larson's pocket when getting into her car. The good Samaritan found the cash on the blacktop and brought it to the manager's attention.

(((mark potucek - subway owner)))
"I get a call, it's from Jordan saying 'I found this money outside the door, it was a a lot of money'. He didn't say how much. And, he said 'you know, here's my number, here's my name, if someone is missing money have them give me a call, because I'd like to give it back to the owner'."

Jordan Spaeth said keeping the money never crossed his mind.

"If I lost money like that, i'd feel pretty terrible if I never saw it again," said Spaeth. "I figured it was the right thing to do. And it was, I mean, it was their money in the first place."

Larson's grandson met Spaeth to pick up the cash. He offered a 50-dollar reward, but Spaeth didn't want the money.

"If you were to see Jordan what would you say to him?", asked a Valley News Team reporter.

"Thanks a lot!", Larson told us.

For a young adult, Spaeth is on the right track. And, his act reaffirms the faith in humanity that there is good people.
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