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Fargo Police say keep your hands at 10 and two

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FARGO, N.D. -- It's inevitable at some point we're all issued a ticket whether it's for speeding, distracted driving or running a red light. As a driver you automatically search for your license and registration, but that's not what police urge drivers to do.

"Hi, license and registration please," said Officer Hanson.

We've all heard it before pulled over for one reason or another.

"I reach over grab my insurance card, my license and wait till he comes up," said driver Spencer Miller.

"I definitely always reach for my registration and license," said Fargo goer Liz Lyngstad.

The Fargo Police Department say these drivers are not alone and make the mistake of reaching for their I. D. before an officer approaches the window.

A Valley News Team reporter rode along with Officer Hanson to see just how a driver would react when being pulled over.

"What do you expect the driver to do now?", asked Valley News Live.

"I expect the driver to just wait there in his car," said Hanson. "Right now he's looking in his mirror. He's grabbing his information."

Whether it's in the glove box, under the seat or in the console, quick movements can put an officer on guard.

"We've had people that have made the bad choice to make those sudden movements because they're trying to reach for a weapon, they're trying to reach for something that might harm the officer," said Lt. Vettel. of the Fargo Police Department.

It's all about safety for both the driver and officer. When being pulled over police urge drivers to pull over on the right side of the road where there is little traffic. Instead of reaching for your license and registration, place both hands on the wheel and wait for the officer.

"Roll down your window to accommodate talking to the officer and then just comply with his or her request," said Lt. Vettel. "And, again the officer should be identifying themselves."

All officers undergo training through the academy to learn how to handle different situations.

Drivers say more knowledge would help.

"Making it a part of a drivers test would be fantastic," said driver Chad Pitts.

Police told Valley News Live pulling a car over during the day verses the night can add a risk factor, especially if it's in the early morning hours when the bars are closing.
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