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How Much Money Really Buys Happiness?

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We know what money can't buy happiness but could a little bit of extra cash make you a little happier?  And if so how much cash would you want?  

You'd think most people would demand a million dollars but this study showed that's just not the case, that most of us would be just fine with a reasonable amount of cash. The magic number?  Most Americans say we'd need less than $100,000 to make us happy.   That's according to CNNMoney's American Dream Poll -- and most would be happy with far less.

Nearly a quarter of us said we'd be content with a much smaller amount -- between $50-thousand and nearly $75-thousand and 10% said between one dollar and $30-thousand would make us happier. Interestingly enough, 6% of those surveyed said they'd take no money whatsoever, declaring that money cannot buy happiness.

CNNMoney notes that these results are consistent with results of other studies that found that past a certain income level, your happiness comes from other factors.

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