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Attempted Suicide Follow Claims Of Bullying In Baudette

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  It's a Valley News Live investigation into some disturbing events linked to bullying at Lake of the Woods School in Baudette, Minnesota.

   In the past two months, one student has attempted suicide and another says she was bullied after a student committed suicide. 

Father: “We’re tired of it. We’re not going to take it anymore.”

   Last month, Lake of the Woods high school honor student, Elizabeth Fraser says, the bullying from a group of 4 girls was so bad, she attempted suicide.

Elizabeth Fraser, Baudette: “I took a bunch of pills and I guess I made a cocktail out of them and I was sent to the office, where I was put in the sick room.”

  Elizabeth says she fell asleep and the staff went home. Her frantic parents didn't’t find her until 7 o’clock that night, when a janitor let them in the school. Elizabeth’s father says, they found her   still asleep in the school’s sick room.

Jeff Fraser, Elizabeth’s Father: “At first I was in shock. Then, I became furious, now I’m absolutely incredulous. I can’t believe…”

Lisa Fraser, Elizabeth’s Mother: “The school superintendent has never contacted us, asking how Elizabeth is.”

  Student, Magen Pelland says she was bullied, after her boyfriend committed suicide this spring. She says the bullying was carried out on social media.

Magen Pelland, Student: “After that, a few days later there was a huge tweet that went on Twitter saying how much it was my fault. And after that, I got text messages from his sister saying how I would never be remembered as his girlfriend. I’d be remembered as the girl who killed her brother.”

Kelli Pelland, Mother: “I’ve never witnessed the uncontrollable wailing of a human being. My daughter wanted to join her dead boyfriend, because she didn’t getdidn'tsay goodbye.”

  Student Lindsey Reasy says, she transferred out of Lake of the Woods School, because of bullying.

Lindsey Reasy, Student: “I stayed up at night crying with my Mom, because I didn’t want todidn'tto school. I hated it and it’s like, why does it have to continue? Why does it have to come to such a tragic point?”

  Superintendent Jeff Peura tells me that legally, he can’t talk about specific cases, involving specific students.

Jeff Peura: “We don’t talk about our student discipline to people that are not involved, such as parents or legal guardians. So, if we’ve disciplined students for inappropriate use of technology or verbal or physical harassment or assault, I don’t report to non-parental or non-custodial people about those things.”

  However, Peura says they take bullying very seriously and respond quickly.

Jeff Peura: “We do deal very specifically with inappropriate behavior, be it electronic, verbal, physical. We don’t ignore these things. We’re educators.”

  However, this group of parents and students claim, the school has ignored bullying by a small group of girls for a long time. 

   Superintendent Jeff Peura declined to comment regarding the incident of the suicidal student being left by staff in the school’s sick room.

  However, he says the school’s attorney will soon meet with all staff members at Lake of the Woods school, for training on Minnesota’s latest bullying laws. He says they’re also considering a monitoring system of social media interaction between students.

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