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Free Cash Craze Could Be Coming To Fargo

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An anonymous man hiding cash is leaving clues on Twitter. Trying to lead you to the big bucks. It’s happening in different parts of the country and could be coming to a city near you.

More than 200,000 people are following @hiddencash on Twitter. The account is run by a man who claims to be doing a social experiment for good. He does this by hiding money in public places, and leaving clues for people to find the cash.

The clues on Twitter have people searching all over, including climbing trees. Looking for envelopes with cold hard cash.

Apparently this national cash craze is coming to Fargo. Someone using a twitter handle of @fargohiddencash says they are coming to Fargo next week to hide money.

We don't know if @fargohiddencash is the same person gaining followers in other cities around the nation.

"It might be someone else that wants to put his money out there... And we will go look for it, and that's fine," says Cortes Graff. He works at Treasure Island Coins, and has been following this Twitter cash craze.

Regardless of who’s behind the hashtag, the frenzy it’s causing is real.

Many are hitting the follow button, in hopes of getting lucky.

"People will follow his twitter feed. I mean, I will, just because maybe he has a clue that I recognize," says Graff.

He adds that the best advice is to be quick. As soon as those tweets are sent, it's time to start looking. The better you know Fargo, the easier it will be to unravel the clues.

The owner of the account claims to be coming here next week to hide the cash.

If that happens, all you have to do is follow @fargohiddencash on Twitter.
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