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Ohio City's New Korean War Memorial Is Riddled With Errors

Ohio City's New Korean War Memorial Is Riddled With Errors

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From WCMH-TV, CHILLICOTHE, Ohio -Chillicothe-area veterans say a monument dedicated to Korean War over the weekend is historically inaccurate.

The Korean War, which was fought between 1951 and 1953, is often called the forgotten war.

“This kind of gives you a prime example of why it was called that," said Donald Darby, whose father was a Korean War veteran.

The granite slab inaccurately depicts a combination of the Korean, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and the current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Less than half of what is depicted is historically accurate.

“If nothing else it’s a cut and paste on war,” said Darby.

Darby is the biggest critic of the monument. He points out the helicopter and some of the soldiers etched into the stone are from the Vietnam War. There’s an Abrahams tank that saw its first popular action during the gulf war.

"These are F-16s, and you can even see that they left the Thunderbird in them, which is the Air Force Demonstration plane like the Blue Angels," he said.

The F-16 fighter jet didn't debut until 1974.

The most glaring historical mistake is the largest display of soldiers; all of them wearing current uniforms.

"The soldiers that you can see the front face of, those are all wearing desert storm type helmets that showed up in the 1980's. The helmets that the Korean War soldiers would have worn are called the steel pots," said Darby.

The only historically accurate soldiers are depicted with a POW/MIA flag in the background, according to Darby.

The Ross County Veterans Council raised the $14,000 for the memorial. The work was contracted with an Egyptian company.

"In a way it looked like somebody sold him a bill of goods because they pasted a bunch of things together with not knowing anything about the history of the war,” said Darby.

The company has done work for the Ross County Veterans Council before.
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