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Start Avoiding the Burn. Dermatologists Chime in on How...

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If you spent any time outdoors over the holiday weekend odds are you applied a hefty dose of sunscreen to yourself or your kids. But if you didn't you're one of many who paid the price of the first beautiful weekends we've had. Today Valley News team's Eric Crest catches up on what we need to know about SPF so that the sun doesn't get the better of us.

Hello sun, we've missed you. But we didn't miss the aftermath of what you're capable of doing to our skin.

"We are very fair skinned so we are not out more than 15-20 minutes without putting on a sun block. Typically we use at least a 50 SPF," says Leeora Windingland who just moved to Fargo.

But it's not just mom's who get wound up tight when the sun gets hot. Dermatologists are starting to get busy again too with the constant reminders. And that means a couple of reminders for you, so that you don't have to visit them.

"If you're pulling out a sunscreen from five years ago throw it away and get a fresh tube. Cause it's not gonna work and have that same protection," says Abbie Boyle a Medical Aesthetician at Catalyst Medical Center in South Fargo.

All sunscreens have an expiration date printed on them so pay attention to the label. The amount you put on should be noted too.

"What's going to get you more protection is is applying a generous amount and reapplying every two hours," says Dr. Yulia Khan a Dermatologist at Sanford.

You'll want about a teaspoon of sun block for every face, arm and leg. Nearly the size of a shot glass full for your entire body.

"The average bottle of sunscreen is about 8 ounces. So it should last for eight applications. So if you have the same bottle of sunscreen for the summer and some is left over that's why it didn't work," says Dr. Khan.

For a sun screen to really block effectively and right away, we're talking about no 15-20 minute wait, you will want to look for two key ingredients.

"Zinc and titanium dioxide. You need to have that as the first ingredients on your sunscreen," says Boyle.

Of course you're always going to want to keep your really young ones out of the sun at all costs. Their bodies are not designed to be able to absorb sunscreen and some of the chemicals in them on their bodies which could absorb into their skin. That's why it's important to only apply it to the areas that are exposed to the sun.
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