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Fargo Man Says Chemicals Thrown Through Fence Burned his Dog

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A north Fargo dog owner is warning neighbors to be on the look out after some type of chemical was allegedly thrown on his dog. Wade Lindgren's Jack Russell Terrier is recovering from chemical burns that he received two weeks ago.  

"It's your pet, they love you and we love them," Lindgren says. "Hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else."

The 6-year-old dog named Vegas is finally running again, just weeks after some type chemical was thrown on him through a small gap in the wooden fence.

"He came running in with marks on his chest, yellow and smelled like bleach kind of," Lindgren explains as he describes the first time he saw his dog's burns.

Wade attempted to wash the marks off of Vegas but they wouldn't come off. Wade later checked his back yard and found splatter marks on the inside and outside of his fence.

"Saw that it was thrown on the fence, through the fence," he explains. "I have now boarded it up."
He took Vegas to the veterinarian two days later because the dog wasn't doing well.  Lindgren recalls his dog being uncomfortable and in, what seemed to be, a lot of pain. 

"In pain, shaking, whining... didn't want to lay down or get up either, just in a lot of pain."

The veterinarian agreed that the dog's injuries looked like a chemical burn. Wade says he has no idea who could have done this.

"He is friendly and will bark at you if you come up to the gate or knock at the door it is somebody different...he gets to know you but he has never harmed anyone and no body's ever complained. 
Wade has now purchased a security camera system in hopes that this will not happen again. 
He just wishes who ever did this would confront him if they had a problem with his dog.

"If he was bothering or barking at people I would do something about it and change his habits."

Wade Lindgren has filed a report with the Fargo Police department. They say with incidents like this, an officer will respond and investigate, but if there is no suspect they can't do much. Fargo police say they treat incidents like this the same as other crimes, and the more information they can get the better.

Wade's vet says Vegas' wounds are healing nicely but it will take some time until they are completely gone.
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