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Fargo, Moorhead Police Investigating Rash of Car Vandalism

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Fargo and Moorhead police are still looking for who is responsible in a drive-by vandalism spree last night.

They received reports of a dozen cars with broken or shattered windows caused by shots from a BB or pellet gun.

"It might be like a game or a prank to them, but I mean, it's real people and their money that are affected by it," says Fargo Resident Collin Johnson.

After leaving his parents' house around 11 p.m., he thought he saw dew on the back window of his Ford Explorer.

"Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was broken, so, and then I saw the little BB mark from the gun," he says.

His window didn't break all the way out, but just a few houses down, the damage was more severe. Some of the damaged cars were in north Moorhead, but the majority go on for several blocks in Fargo, from 18th Avenue to NP Avenue.

"It's not common in this neighborhood to have any kind of disturbance like that," says Fargo Resident Christina Jones.

Jones has lived here for seven years- never thinking something like this would happen.

"Not on this street, not in this neighborhood at all- we wouldn't expect that- and that's why I just think it was random," she says.

Although things like this can be difficult to avoid, police say there are still things you can do. Keeping your vehicle in a secure location, like a garage, can help and adding lights or motion detector lights to your home can help deter the vandalism or theft that they they say tends to increase as the weather warms.

For now, several vehicle owners in Fargo-Moorhead will be dealing with costly repairs.

"The neighbor said that in her Subaru that even with insurance it would be about $700 to $1,000 to replace the back window," says Johnson.

Police say the public should report any suspicious activity that they see or hear, whether that is while it's happening or after the fact. They say the sooner, the better. Police are currently following a few leads. If you have any information that you feel could aid in the investigation, they say not to hesitate to call.

A dozen cases of car vandalism and it could be a rude awakening this Wednesday morning for a lot more people.

Fargo and Moorhead Police took reports of 12 car windows shot out with BB or pellet guns -- most of the cases in Fargo were along 7th Street South from downtown to the 1700 block near Lindenwood Park.

Moorhead Police are discovering or getting reports from the north side of town.

Officers expect to hear from more victims when people start waking up and heading out to their cars.

Police don't have any suspects or a vehicle description, so if you saw anything suspicious contact Fargo or Moorhead Police.
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