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Fargo Man’s Will Calls For His Dog To Be Buried With Him

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"It's a very serious question, should an animal that's healthy be euthanized just to please a will," says Mary Brooks, who lives next to the late Fargo man.

Neighbors of a man who passed away last Saturday, say they're shocked to find out he asked for his dog to be put down, and buried with him.    

The dog's name is Paco, he was the life-long friend of the Fargo man. The man's neighbors say they too grew close to Paco over the years.

That's why the neighbors called us raising the question; is this sort of thing legal? The neighbors are clearly emotional about what's taken place.

They say Paco was healthy; friends of the Fargo man disagree, and say the dog was sick. Adding that the man wasn't sure if anyone was going to care for the dog after he died.

"We all at this high rise love that dog, so much, it's a beautiful dog, and all day long we have been trying to save that dig's life, that dog is healthy, we can't understand is it legal to euthanize a healthy dog, that's been our question," says Brooks.

We spoke with Fargo Animal Control they say it's actually common for people to put it in their will that they would like their dog put down. They say owners have various reasons.

The Humane Society says this type of practice is legal under North Dakota law pets are considered property, like anything else you own.

"When it comes to rules and requests, it's a legal document, and literally ties our hands, and it needs to be overturned through the legal procedure, it's not simply a matter of an animal shelter walking in and saying we are going to save this animal," says Nukhet Hendricks from the Humane Society Fargo-Moorhead.

I talked to the local animal shelter they believe it's better to appoint a legal guardian for your animal rather than putting it down.

But, animal control told me that many people would rather put their dogs down, and it's not against the law.

Friends of the man told the funeral home they are looking to do what the man wanted, and according to funeral plans the man will be buried tomorrow.
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