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Does This Popular Grilling Tool Work?

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As Seen On TV Products can be tempting to try, but do they actually work as well as they claim? We're putting some of the more popular products to the test, and this one comes right in time for grilling season!

Stufz claims it makes the perfect stuffed burger every time.

Stuffed burgers might be on your mind this grilling season, but how do you get all that stuff inside?

Stufz, is a tool that claims they can stuff a perfect burger every time. It's supposed to be an easier and cleaner way to get the job done. You have seen it on TV, but does Stufz actually work?

We stopped by a viewer’s house, who grills all year long to have him test it out.

Craig Solway usually just piles cheese and veggies on top of the burger. "They get to be pretty messy though," says Craig.

But, the directions were a bit confusing at first; Craig made the first burger wrong. The box says it's as easy as 1, 2, and 3. But, Craig says the 10 steps in the directions are a bit more difficult.

He says it takes practice, but the burgers started to stick to the tool. "You might have to wash it after three or four of them," says Craig.

The burgers came out bigger than expected.

"We might get 10 burgers out of 6 pounds of meat, so they are going to be a little over a half pound each,” says Craig, “He can usually makes 16 burgers out of that much meat.”

"Yeah they are a little over a half pound each, that's a big burger," says Craig. The size makes the making the grilling time longer than usual.

"Probably about 5 minutes per side, and check the center for see if they are done, I don't like them done, done," says Craig.

But once they hit the grill, few of the burgers started to fall apart, but wait, Stufz claims it makes the perfect patty every single time.

"I think we could have easily done it by hand, wouldn't be sticking to a piece of plastic I guess," says Craig.

One will cost you around $10.00. "I think I could probably find it at a garage sale in about a year or so for about 99 cents, from someone who didn't use it so much," says Craig.

And once they are hot off the grill the whole family agrees they want these on the menu again. You have seen Stufz on TV, but should you buy one? This expert is giving it a grade. "I would say it got at least a B, or a B+, yeah, I'd buy one," says Craig.

And he's looking forward to a few new stuffed burger recipes.
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