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Controlling Summer Pests

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Once the weather turns warmer we all want to spend their time outside, but it will also be a perfect chance for the summer pests to crawl out.

Ants and spiders are going to be searching for food, shelter and water to survive. Advantage Pest Control Owner Scott Larson says any sealing of cracks outside your home may help prevent them from crawling in.

But Scott says currently the problem is all the water we've received, creating good conditions for a supply of water and food for insects. Both Advantage Pest Control and Vector Control suggest to get rid of any sitting water. Things like buckets, bird baths and rain gutters should be emptied because they are a great breeding areas for misquotes and other bugs.

A dehumidifier in the basement may help take some moisture out of your home, helping create less of a habitat for insects.

Later in the summer Yellow Jackets will be buzzing around. Scott says in August many people are calling for help with wasp and hornet problems. Scott says some hardware stores products for wasp and hornet freeze do work well, but if the problem doesn't go away it's better to call an exterminator. Many people think they can take care of a problem themselves, and put a lot of time and money into doing it, but Scott says they should of gotten an experts opinion or services first.

There are a few things you can to do before the bugs start bugging you. First is inspect your home. Be sure to walk outside around your home for any cracks that should be sealed. Also be sure to clean any debris in your yard. Piled up leaves could be a place voles and insects as they are searching for shelter.

Exterminators say before any of the pests become a problem call to get your home sprayed. For more information on Advantage Pest Control click here or call 701-793-0101.
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