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Thundershirt Helps Calm Pet Anxiety

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We seem to be stuck in a wet cycle, and this stormy weather can really wear on your nerves. You may have noticed that it is hard on you dog's nerves too.

Does your dog quiver when thunder rumbles, whine when the wind blows, or even try to hide when the storm intensifies? Local vets are now prescribing a product that promises to help calm all sorts of dog anxiety issues without the use of doggie downers.

Seven-year-old Chester is full of love. His owner, Mari Negaard, calls him a big fluff ball. Negaard says, "If I am having a bad day, I just hug him and it makes everything better." But, Negaard says Chester sometimes needs a "hug" as much as she does. She noticed shortly after she got him that he had separation anxiety and storm anxiety.

Chester can smell a storm coming, and it causes some major doggie drama! Mari says Chester has torn up carpet during storms. It appears he is trying to dig his way out of a room to hide from the thunder.

Dr. Teri-Lee James at Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital says some nervousness around loud noises, like thunderstorms or fireworks, is normal for dogs, but when the nervousness turns into real anxiety it can cause some problems.  Dr. James says, "It can be detrimental." She says a dog can get pretty severe anxiety, and it will be hard for them to enjoy their life.

Anti-anxiety or depression medication is often prescribed to anxious dogs, but Dr. James say she has noticed a big improvement in her puppy patients that tried the Thundershirt. Some people call it a swaddling sweater for dogs. Dr. James says it helps center the dog. She adds, "They have such acute senses that often times they know a storm is coming before we do."

Negaard doesn't like to put clothes on her dogs, but she was willing to give the Thundershirt a try. And, it worked! Mari says, "Ever since I've been using the Thundershirt, he hasn't damaged any of my property."

Negaard says the shirt doesn't take away all of the anxiety, but it definitely helps!Negaard says it replicates a big hug. And, who doesn't feel comforted by a cozy, warm hug?

The Thundershirt comes in many sizes (xxs-xxl) There are shirts for cats too. They cost $39.95. And, the Thundershirt has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have 45 days, and if you are not happy with it, the company will give you a full refund.
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