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Taking A Drink Out Of The Wow Cup As Seen On TV

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Are you tempted to try some of those gadgets seen on TV, but wonder if they actually work? We wanted to find out if your favorites are the new best thing, or buyer beware.

We asked you which As Seen on TV Products have you reaching for your wallet, and from there we selected the most popular ones.

Tonight's product is The Wow Cup, which is a cup for kids that claim you will never be cleaning up a mess again.

Imagine a room full of energetic preschoolers; they sure do know how to make a mess, and when it comes to getting a drink it's even worse.

The wow cup is supposed to be totally leak free, and it's designed for on-the-go, so if you drop it, no problem.

We too the Wow Cup to Nokomis Childcare Center, where they say sippy cups are a necessity when it comes to three years olds.

"Even if they claim spill proof a lot of the time, that's just not the case," says Monica Rilea, who is in charge of the preschoolers. Her son Liam is going to test out the Wow Cup for us. The directions are simple, just fill the cup with water, but it seemed to be tricky for Liam to figure how to get a drink. He finally figured it out, but is it spill proof?

"Oh I saw a drop," says Monica. Liam gave it a shake, and tried dropping it on the ground. "Defiantly not 100% leak proof, but better than most," says Monica. "Oops there was a splatter too," she adds.

Monica says even if it's spill proof kids will take off the lid, and dump it out anyways. But the Wow Cup looks pretty child prof when it comes to getting the lid off.

They cost around 10 or 12 dollars, and Monica says a normal sippy cup runs you about 2 dollars.

"We have a class size of 14, so I think if I was going to purchase 14, 12 dollar sippy cups that spill on occasion probably not, but for three kids at home it might be worth it," says Monica.

You have seen it on TV, but should you buy one? This expert says she would give it a B. "There is water on the table, so it's not 100% it does say spill free," says Monica.

And it won Liams vote, he picks the wow cup over his iron man cup at home. Monica was excited that the Wow Cup can go through the dishwasher. She says that's a must for sippy cups, but she says the design of the lid could make the cup harder to get clean.
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