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Fargo TV Show Turning Into Dollars And Cents For The Community

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After the premier of the Fargo TV show a lot of people are talking. But the Fargo- Moorhead Visitor Bureau says it's good for tourism. They say people from other states have called and want a picture with the famous wood chipper or a tee shirt with Fargo stamped on it.

"You should come and find the real Fargo cause it's not like that," says Charley Johnson, CEO Fargo Moorhead Visitors Bureau. People lined up for blocks to see the premier of Fargo the TV show. "A shared Fargo-Moorhead experience for people," says Johnson, "I suspect it will contribute to some people visiting here."

But the show is turning into dollars and cents for the community. "The movie, and now the series gave Fargo a bit of national notoriety," says Johnson. While it's difficult to see the numbers, the Visitors Bureau gets a lot of people asking about the show. "If it gets some more people to visit here than bring it on," says Johnson

"Word gets out that this is a cool place to be and there are fun things happening here, and that people will actually want to come and kinda check it out," says Jeff Knight, a designer. And the show is turning into more Fargo themed tee-shirts for him.

"I'm hoping that it continues, and we can use this opportunity to really build up the opportunity instead of just trying to sell another tee shirt or sell another trinket," says Knight. And he says more people in Fargo are proud to be living here.

"There is going to be a lot of Fargo merchandise coming out, and i think ya know, i just want to see it still reflect this area, and still maintain that sense of community and pride in what we have versus just trying to cash in on something that's fleeting and temporary," says Knight.

Whether you agree with the way the show depicts Fargo or not, there's no such thing as bad publicity, as they say.

"You can't discount something that puts your community on the map, and this is one of the things that puts us on the map," says Johnson.

We told you about the launch of the website Dinner Ties a couple months ago. It allows people passing through the area to have dinner with people here in the valley. Well the creators say since the premiere of the TV show Fargo business is starting to pick up.
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