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Free Furniture During Cleanup Week Could Cost You

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Furniture, clothes, and trash are starting to appear alongside the streets in the valley.

"Usually the boulevards are pretty full, I have seen people put couches and chairs, and everything out," says Cyd Gullickson, who participates in clean up week.

Some people have been stocking up all year to get this junk to the side of the road. "I don't have any use for it, so someone else will," says Roger Gregorie, who picks things up once and a while.

While getting a new free addition to your living room may sound appealing what's inside that furniture may cost you. "I would never pick up anything off the side of the street," says Rick Cramer, with Plunkett Pest Control.

Experts say not all furniture has things hiding inside, but if it does, say bedbugs could be a real problem. "Fairly spending, for a thousand square foot or smaller apartment unit for example it can cost anywhere from  $1,200 - $1,600 dollars to treat that unit," says Cramer. Experts say thoroughly inspect anything that's made of cloth or wood.

"You have to remember through that the bedbug its self is the size, of, a wood tick is similar in size, the adult, however, the eggs themselves are almost microscopic, very very difficult to see with a naked eye," says Cramer.

Get a peak at the inside and outside for those little crawling guys. "Probably one of the first things that I would look for," says Gregorie.

Some people don't take the risk. "I have never picked any furniture up, that's probably a big reason why I don't pick any thing up, I am not a real fond person of bugs," says Gullickson. But others feel the risk is low.

And here's a pretty good suggestion from the pest control experts, if you've ever dealt with bed bugs before alert others by putting a big spray paint slash on the furniture.

More about Cleanup Week: http://www.cleanupweek.com/
More about bed bugs: http://www2.epa.gov/bedbugs
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