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The New Buzz With Teen Trends

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In the past, we have heard of the choking game, sizzurp, huffing and now beezin. Beezin is when you take Burts Bee's Lip Balm and put it on your outer eyelids. The peppermint oil causes a tingling or burning sensation that apparently keeps you alert. Valley News Team's Ashley Bishop finds out why young people are taking part in these trends and whether or not it is happening in our area.

Beezing, sizzurp, eyeballing, huffing! All trends that if you google on the internet multiple videos pop up. But why are young people doing this?

"one reason is they have access," says First Step Recovery Director Mike Kaspari.

Nowadays we are hearing about these risky trend more often than in past years. Kaspari seems to think social media now plays are big role in spreading the idea quickly.

"they take on a life of there own and spread very rapidly and efficiently to a large number of young people," says Kaspari.

Though, in our area the young people Valley News Live spoke with say they haven't heard of these trends. Many do hear about teens using prescription drugs, alcohol and marijuana.

"Sometimes they use pills for the people that had ADD... they would share pills," says student Ally Krogh.

"In high school it is the same typical stuff, I have never heard of people using lip balm or cough syrup...that is just werid," says student Justice Keefauber.

No matter what your teens are doing the best thing is to just be involved.

"Pay attention to who their friends are and know what their doing and where their going," says Kaspari.

Experts also say it's not a bad idea for parents to stay up on the crazy trends, that way you can talk to your kids, or look for warning signs.
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