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"Digital Shadow" makes some think twice about what they post online

"Digital Shadow" makes some think twice about what they post online

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A new website meant to promote the "Watch Dogs" video game has those fond of social media concerned about how much they post online.

After logging into the "Digital Shadow" website with your Facebook account, it compiles information you've posted into a profile about you.

"It shows where I can be found," says Lindsey Groneberg of Wheaton, MN.

It also shows your friends, photos and more. The website is meant to promote the game's theme of a computer system that links everyone to everything.

"It's like, 'The probabilities of your whereabouts can be determined by geolocation data,'" says Groneberg.

"It knows where my house is...it shows the probability if I will be there or not," says Melissa Tohm, also from Wheaton.

How frequently you are posting to Facebook, when you're most active, your job and a salary estimation are also covered in the profile- and it's making some uncomfortable.

"It feels like my privacy is a little violated...that they can find out all of this," says Tohm.

She says it's going to make her think twice about what she shares. Some on the other hand, aren't as concerned:

"I mean it's not something I'm really too worried about," says Charles Cummer of Fargo.

Even though he says it's pretty accurate, he says he isn't that worried because it is information from Facebook...but he is concerned about the possibilities.

"I mean this might not be real, but that doesn't mean someone can't make it real," he says.

If you'd like to see what Digital Shadow can compile about you, go to back to the home page and click on the hot button or click here.

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