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M-State Student says He Was Given College Credits Without Doing the Work

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Earning college credit without having to do the work,it sounds like a college student's dream! But one student at M-State in Moorhead says he was short-changed on his education and given the credits rather than having to earn them. As Valley News team's Eric Crest explains the student who recently appeared in a promotional video for the school, claims he'll be entering the workforce without the skills he truly needs.
College isn't for everyone. Sometimes there are better opportunities out there, and money to be had in industries that don't require a degree. But at 41 years old Nathan Pullen of Fargo decided it was time to go back.
"I choose to go to M-State to further my education and to be able to move up the ladder a bit. Build homes for people and dreams," says Pullen.
He's now two years into his degree and just received four credits for a mandatory course he says he didn't earn.
"They told us we'd get the credits and if we didn't want to pay for the class the dean told us we could make a formal complaint," explains Pullen.
So what's there to complain about? Well, Pullen says from January 13th to May 13th he was supposed to be in an advanced cabinetry course...
"learning how to build cabinets, learning how to put them together, building them from scratch," says Pullen.
But he says despite showing up four days a week, the insight into the world of cabinetry never happened. Instead he laid tile and other work he was already acquainted with.
"We haven't gotten one hour of lab work or class time for that cabinet class," he claims.
Now the soon to be M-State graduate has to jump into the world of internships with credentials, he's not comfortable saying he even has.
"They're hoping that you know what you're doing out there. And when you show up to a job and all you do is ask questions and cost them money and time... what good am I when I don't have that experience?" asks Pullen.
The worst part for him is he just doesn't feel like the administration gets it.
"I may have felt cheated. But they think we're benefiting in the end. Free credits," says Pullen.
No M-State administration officials were available for an interview today. But they assure us that no complaints were filed for the course in question. They add that if you have concerns about your education at their facilities contact student services and file a complaint early in the semester rather than later.
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