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Most Internet Connections Slower Than Advertised

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Coutesy: Wall Street Journal Coutesy: Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal just published a new study that shows most internet connections across the country are slower than what the providers are advertising. Three internet providers in the Valley made the list, so Valley News Team's Ashley Bishop investigated whether you're really getting the internet speed you're paying for.

If your internet feels slow, depending on provider you may be right.

"You're not going to receive the 30 down (Download) and 5 up (Upload) and 50 down and 10 up that they are promoting to you or advertising. If you read the fine print is says that is "up to" and that is best case scenario, in reality you will get half of what you are paying for," says Blueprint Computer Solution Engineer Brian Schott.

The Wall Street Journal study used data collected over a year from "Ookla" online speed test. That data shows that Cable One and Century Link provide slower than promised internet. Cable One internet download speeds were second from the bottom of the list, with speeds 30% slower. Century link ranked in the middle of the 27 providers on the list with their speed being 17% slower. Midcontinent Communications tops the list for actually offering 8% faster than promised speed.

"Customers want more and more data and what we try to do install state of the art technology and making sure our systems are running at correct levels and  provide those services to our customers and if we can beat those things it is a better thing," say Midcontinent Communications Regional Director of Operations Clay Stephens.

If you think your internet your paying for is slower than advertised, then simply do a speed test by going to Speedtest.net. A speed test allows you to measure your actual bandwidth and internet speed at the moment in time but there is nothing you can do to get your internet your paying for to go faster.

"The is nothing the average user or experience it guy can do other than switch internet providers that can give you better service," says Schott.  

Cable One's general manager in Fargo said this survey may not contain their most recent data, considering their company has made 60 million dollars worth of updates to improve internet speed. Midcontinent Communications is offered in Moorhead, West Fargo and Grand Forks, but not yet in Fargo.
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