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Minn. Law Enforcement is Looking for Distracted Drivers

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It was Fargo earlier this week and now across the state of Minnesota. Law enforcement are getting creative in efforts to crack down on distracted drivers. Today Valley News team's Eric Crest examines the campaign's roll-out on social media. Just don't look too deep into this trend as your driving.


Since 2009 there have been more than 86 thousand crashes attributed to distracted driving. That amounts to about a quarter of all wrecks.


"Most of the time I see people texting and driving or talking on their phone and driving and it drives me nuts," says Dottie Arnhold of Moorhead.


Arnhold isn't alone, Minnesota State Trooper Sergeant Jesse Grabow has seen it all in his 16 years of law enforcement.


"reading books, newspapers, people shaving, brushing teeth, putting on make up. I guess it never ceases to amaze me," says Sgt. Grabow.


It didn't take long for Sgt. Grabow to find a motorist speeding and crossing the center line on our ride-along.


"So we got two violations. At this point I'm going to make a traffic stop and activate my emergency lights," said Grabow as he pulled a motorist over.


Grawbow isn't convinced that this motorist was distracted however. But there was still a ticket issued for the other violations. But had he noticed distracted driving you would have likely found it floating around on social media. That's what law enforcement will be doing for the next ten days.


Check out this tweet.


"Wow 65 year old female cited... phone in left hand... something else in right hand no hands on wheel...


They're not trying to poke fun of what they find though. They're trying to reach a generation that's hard to tap into.


"We just want you to make safe choices each and every time you get behind the wheel," says Grabow.


So keep your eyes on the road and as hard as it is law enforcement would like to see you put your phone away.


"When I drive I give it to my little one. He sits there and plays games," says Arnhold who says she avoids the phone all together when she's driving.


A distracted driving violation could cost you upwards of 100 dollars. Expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement on our roadways until April 20th.


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