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Update: Flood Waters Hit Minto

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  The Forest River at Minto spilled over its banks and flooded Minto, North Dakota early this morning.

  Minto is 30-miles northwest of Grand Forks in Walsh County.

  Highway 81 at Minto remains closed. One woman had to be rescued from her car, after driving onto the flooded road this morning. Her name has not been released. But, she was transported to Unity Hospital in Grafton, suffering from hypothermia.

  At this hour, the river continues to fall. But, it caused some tense moments in that town of 600 residents, early this morning.

  It took most residents here by surprise, even though they're no strangers to spring flooding in Minto.

Reporter: "It happened pretty quick?"

Jim Darling, Minto: "Yes, very quick. We've got ice Jams on the east side of town."

       At around 3 a.m. the Forest River here…. shot up some 9 feet in just a few hours, spilling over into town.

  At  4 a.m., city officials were going door to door and warning people.

Jodi Osowski, Minto: "I recognized the Mayor and he said if I wanted to move my car, now was the time to do it. It was already too late."

  A dozen homes wound up surrounded by water.. Luckily, most homes here are prepared for high water with permanent dikes and landscaping that's designed to keep the water out.

Sam Shutt, Public Works: "Ice jam just east of town that caused the water to come up really fast."

Reporter: "Anybody get water in their basement?"

Shutt: "Only 1 home got a wet basement."

  A couple of homeowners did put up a few sandbags and some plastic to make sure their homes stayed dry. But most people simply had to keep an eye on their sump pumps.

Tom Kosovud, Minto: "We got a pump that runs around the outside. It keeps it pretty good. It's dry inside."

Chris Misialek, Minto: "We're within 9-inches of the 1997 height already. If the ice jams break and let loose I think we'll be in good shape. Otherwise, it can come up another foot they say."

  At 11 a.m. Minto caught a break and the river started to fall. So for now, folks here can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Forest River slowly begins to fall back in its banks.

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