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Planning Your Spring Tree Planting

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It may not seem very spring-like out, but now is actually the perfect time to start planning your tree planting.

NDSU horticulturist Todd West, says it all comes down to "right plant, right place," when choosing a tree or trees for your home.

West, recommends going to your local nursery that specializes in gardening and trees to talk with the experts about what may be the right tree for your yard.

After selection, planting the tree properly is critical to survival. First, call 811 before doing any digging. After it's safe to dig, dig a hole two times the diameter of the container the tree sits in.

West, says you should take a shovel and shave the roots that have rounded themselves after removing the tree from the container. This will insure that the roots grow out into the soil.

After your tree is planted it's recommended you follow a 4-2 water rule for the first year of the trees life for a 2 inch or less tree. Water 1-2 gallons for the first two weeks, than 2-4 gallons every other day for the next two months.

West, also advises planting mulch around the base of the tree to help keep the soil moist and also protect the trees base from lawnmower damage. 

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