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A Possible Origin Story for April Fools Day... Or is the Joke on You?

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It's finally April, and that doesn't just mean another day that we're closer to warmer weather. While some may shy away from the antics associated with pranking loved ones, many embrace April Fools Day. Valley News team's Eric Crest reports on the changing world of pranks and where the holiday may have started.


The jokes, gags, and pranks you can get away with on April first are a once-a-year experience for most. Thankfully, the world of youtube.com let's you enjoy the laughs all year long.


"When I was a little kid I snuck into my dad's pocket and grabbed his car keys and put them in my moms purse. She went to work early and... Yeah," says MSUM student Ryan Schmit.


"We actually silly stringed him right after he got up from a nap and threw sparkles on him like glitter. It was in his driveway for a week or so," jokes Jackie Woods describing her most recent burn of a prank in high school.


"We tied a rubber band around the hose for the sink so when my mom turned it on it sprayed her in the face," adds Cassie Norby another student of MSUM.


But when did we start celebrating April Fools Day?


"I have no idea," admits Woods.


We took the question to the one guy who might have an answer. The curator of the Museum of Hoaxes which is a website but not an actual museum.


"I'm not a prankster at all," Alex Boese the curator admits.


At the museumofhoaxes.com you'll find an online data base of all of the greatest hoaxes from years past and present. Boese claims one stand out theory is April Fools Day started in the late 15th century when the French reformed their calendar year.


"The argument goes that a lot of people didn't really hear the news about the calendar change and they continued to celebrate the new year at the end of March. And therefore those people had a lot of jokes at their expense. People played tricks on them and they became the first April Fools in that way," says Boese.


With or without the origin story of April Fools Day, which is yet to be proven, enjoy it all the same.


"If you can take a joke, welcome to the holiday," jokes Schmit.


But don't give the one's you love a heart attack in the process.


"I texted my sister and said I took a pregnancy test and it was positive," admits Norby.


The curator of the Museum of Hoaxes website says they expect to have hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website today. In fact the last few years that website crashed with all the traffic. If you want to find out more about the detailed history of hoaxes check out their website at http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/


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