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Post Office Hour Cuts Upset A Growing Town

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It is about to get tricky for customers in Horace to mail their packages and get stamps. Their post office retail window will go from being open 8 hours a day to only being open for 6 hours a day. It's part of a bigger trend that's been happening in rural towns across the country.

 The Horace post office serves the communities of Oxbow, Wildrice, and Hickson or about 1,400 people and some of these communities are on the grow. That is why the group "Concerned Citizens of 58047" are upset that their post office will be reducing their hours this year.   

"The big slogan in town is invest in the valley, invest in your community. We believe it strongly, the post office is a big facet to what we do with our business. We need the availability to go there during business hours," says John Koerselman, a business owner in Horace. 

The reduced hours will have a huge impact on the towns business. They would be forced to drive 20 minutes to west Fargo to mail an item or wait until the next day.  

"You're going to spend more money to drive into town on the gas and the inconvenience now...it is really quick to stay right here and take care of things," says Patrice Koerselman, Member of the Concerned Citizen 58047.
Two thirds of the 13,000 rural post offices nationwide have had their retail window hours already reduced. The rest of the post offices are expected to see their hours reduced by September of this year.

"Our goal is to keep things as they are,not add to it. Just keep it so our local businesses and residents are not effect in any way," says Kim Thorsteinson, Founding Member of the Concerned Citizen 58047.

The other towns nearby like Kindred and Walcot have had their hours already reduced. About 130 post offices in the valley will have had their hours reduced by the end of this year.

The Concerned Citizens of 58047 want their fellow community members to know about the upcoming change and are asking those effected to contact their Senators and Representative.

To keep updated with the group on facebook, click here.



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