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Business Owners Say They Don’t Have Basic Needs Met In The Black Building

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Concerns tonight over an issue affecting local businesses that are gone on for months. "Hair salons and restaurants we do our entire business functions of water, and when we don't have the ability to use that water then that interferes with our ability to do businesses," Says the owner of Belle Aire salon, Lynne French-Olson.

Yesterday, she was just about to rinse her client's hair, when she realized that the water was ice cold.

"Luckily I had friends over at the other businesses and they were able to heat up some water for me so we were able to kind of piece together a shampoo situation for my client," says Lynne.

But, this is not the first time, renters here in the black building say they have had hot water, heating, and cooling issues for months.

"It's just to a point where we are looking for something to change," says Lynee. City of Fargo inspectors confirm they have been handling complaints for far too long. I tried to get a hold of the owners. "Hi there this is Nicole from Valley News Live calling you again, if you can give me a call back." With no luck, but city inspectors say they have found the building is not meeting basic requirements.

"I just know it's been frustrating for everybody," says Heather Swenson, the owner of the Crystal Corset. And that's exactly why Heather Swenson is moving her business.

"It's just common sense things that any landlord knows they need to keep up on," says Heather.

Others have been picking up and leaving too. "It's a lot of constant turnover of people in and out of the building," says Heather. But some, like Lynne can't imagine leaving.  "We would just like to have heat and hot water all on the same day," says Lynne.

The city inspector says he's passed the concerns on to a city prosecutor. Saying he wants the judge to take action and fix these ongoing problems.

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