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Drivers Get 85-cent Per Gallon Gas Discount

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  Drivers packed their vehicles up to the gas pumps in Crookston, Minnesota today.  Drivers got 85-cents off a gallon for E-85… gasoline that's blended with 85-percent ethanol.

  It was a promotion by the Polk County Corn Growers Association, designed to better inform drivers about ethanol, and save you money.

  Drivers pulled into the Ampride Station to save over $20 a tank, when they filled up their flex-fuel vehicles with E-85.

Greg LeBlac, Polk County Corn Growers: "We want the public to understand all these different ratios you can use and how they can save you money."

  Ethanol promoters admit, you'll lose a bit of gas mileage with the higher blends of ethanol. However, since E-85 is already 45-cents a gallon cheaper than regular unleaded, Mike Boucher says he's always used it in his flex-fuel truck.

Reporter: "Lower price makes up for it?"

Mike Boucher, Crookston: "Yeah, right. The price makes up for the little bit of loss in mileage. It's a good deal."

  Some ethanol critics say using farmland to grow corn for ethanol is reducing the world's food supply. Ethanol supporters disagree, saying only one-third of the corn used at ethanol plants is actually used for making corn.   The rest is used for livestock feed and dozens of other products, including corn oil and carbon dioxide for the beverage industry.

Greg LeBlanc: "The amount of money it generates locally, especially in rural Minnesota… Minnesota alone it generates 5-billion dollars and 16-thousand jobs."

  Plus, promoters say the clean burning fuel is a great way to clear up air pollution across the Country and protect us from it.

Kelly Marczak, American Lung Association: "And we recognize cleaner fuels like E-85, as well as bio-diesel adds a clean air choice that motorists can make today to reduce their impact on air quality and our lung health."

  A word of caution, high ethanol blended gas is for flex fuel vehicles only. Those vehicles have a yellow gas cap or a F.F.V., fuel flex vehicle sign by your gas cap.

  Click here for a list of all  flex fuel vehicles.


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