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What To Know Before Bringing A New Pet Home

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Local reports say a Moorhead man is suing a Fargo animal shelter. He says after adopting a dog from 4 Luv of Dog Rescue it attacked and injured his cat. And that raises the question, who's responsible when an animal adoption doesn't go as planned?

A shelter manager at the Fargo Moorhead Humane Society says while an attack like this is rare, they can't promise your pets will get along.

Heather Clyde, shelter manager at the F-M Humane Society says their contract states they are not responsible for the behavior of an animal once you take it home. "Just because you want the cat and dog to get along does not necessarily mean they are going to get along," says Clyde, "Obviously there is no way to guarantee anything in life I would love to say yes nothing is never going to happen."

She says they test their dogs with cats to see the outcome, and do their best to place them in the right hands. "If we see any signs of concern we tell the individual of the family it's not going to be a good fit for them," says Clyde.

But at the end of the day she says every animal reacts differently in a new home. "Animals are animals," explains Clyde.

Paul Brydl has 4 pets under the same roof, "They get along great," he says. But, His dog and cat didn't see eye to eye at first. "Animals in the wild they don't naturally get along, so as the owner you have to introduce them that they are part of the family together, and if you do that right, they will get along just fine," says Brydl.

So when you bring one of these furry friends home, Clyde says don't leave them in the same room together until you really know how well they get along.

"It's a matter of making sure you are aware that animals need time to adjust for one another, and it may not always work out," says Clyde.

If your animal does have behavioral problems the humane society says they can refer you to trainers or ways to curb those bad habits. But, if you feel you need to surrender your animal they will provide you with ways to re-home those furry friends.

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