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Craft Beer Sales Are Up Nearly 20% Across the US

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Craft beer has a distinct flavor, it's brewed in smaller quantities, and usually you will only find specific kinds in a particular region of the country. But a new report from the Brewers Association found that more breweries are popping up and sales are up too, about 20 percent nationally from last year. Valley News team's Eric Crest taps into this beer revolution.


While brewing beer isn't for everyone, it seems that the general public has taken a liking to finding the distinct batches that are hard to get your hands on known as craft beers.


"September last year we started selling growlers. And ever since then it's grown more and more and more to the point where we're packed on Wednesday and Friday nights," explains Aaron Juhnke the President of Junkyard Brewing Company in Moorhead.


For the guys at Junkyard Brewing, craft beer is the future.


"More and more people are breaking out of their macro brewed domestic shell and trying craft beers," says Juhnke.


Fortunately for these guys, and other craft beer suppliers, local bars are throwing back the product.


"The Fargo Brewing Company and also Junkyard Brewing out of Moorhead... Their beers do great for us," says Andrea Williams the general Manager of Wurst Bier Hall in Fargo which has a variety of craft beers.


Today nearly one in every 10 beers sold are craft brews. But, you might be asking yourself why? What's so special about a craft beer?


"Craft brewers are a little bit more mindful of brewing flavorful unique things. Something people haven't tried yet," says Williams.


"To me a craft beer is anything out of the ordinary," adds Juhnke.


Just one more example of how far craft beers have come. Here at the Fargo Brewing Company they recently opened up the cities first tap room. It's basically a bar with limited hours. These types of tap rooms are popping up across the Twin Cities and today they're here.


"If you can come in, stand across that bar, and talk to me the guy who just finished making beer. Drinking the beer I make. That's a different relationship you'll have than if you go to a bar and order a draft domestic," says Chris Anderson the Brew Master and President of Fargo Brewing Company.


So as we watch North Dakota and Minnesota continue to grow in their fascination with craft beer. Keep in mind, this is a great place for it all to happen.


"We're the largest barley producing state in the country. We should be making beer out of it," jokes Anderson.


Speaking of craft beer growth. The Fargo Brewing Company is in the midst of doubling it's capacity and will soon be able to roll out 14 thousand kegs annually. They say by years end they also hope to expand their sales all the way to Minneapolis.


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