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The Big Thaw is Underway... Sadly We Get to See All That Stuff Underneath

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While we might not be in the middle of a heat wave it is getting nice out there. And as the temperatures warm up, you'll start to see a lot of things hiding beneath our once-white snow. Today, Valley News team's Eric Crest hit the streets to take a peak at what's popping up as the snow disappears.


Old man winter had his turn, and he played a pretty tough game. But we're about to switch gears.


"The thaw, the muddy feet, the cold feet. I just carry an extra pair of socks and I am good to go," says Karin Tomazich of Fargo.


"Right now we're in this kind of thaw, melt, thaw, freeze again cycle," adds Mike Hahn the President of the Downtown Community Partnership that attempts to keep downtown Fargo looking its best.


The big thaw is underway revealing all sorts of things. From cigarette butts, to food for the birds, that phone charger you thought you lost, and all of the garbage that was out of sight out of mind for months.


"Chris is basically dealing with the sidewalks and curbs and gutter areas in the downtown area," says Hahn describing how the cleanup from the melt is already underway.


The Downtown Community Partnership is on it. Collecting about 100 pounds of garbage a week since the melt began. This big reveal became more of a big pain in the you know what in a hurry. And speaking of you know what's. That's exactly what you're going to want to avoid stepping in.


"Dog poop mainly. That's an issue for me cause it breeds disease once it thaws out. So if you have a dog pick up after it in the winter. It's not that hard," says Tomazich who is a dog owner herself.


It's not that hard? Well not anymore. Just a week ago the stuff was frozen, but today that's not the case. On the bright side though, at least the weather is nice enough that you can consider getting back out into the yard.


"A few nice days it kinda perks up everyone's attitude. That's what we need," jokes Hahn.


And while you're in the yard, consider taking care of your doggy's business. The city isn't supposed to take care of that for you.


"Try to be a decent human being. Try to, you know, be polite," says Tomazich.


The Downtown Community Partnership's team is hitting the streets downtown all week. They hope to get it looking nice and clean just in time for the Saint Patty's day parade this weekend.


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