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Breckenridge Program For Students Failing Classes

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Questions from parents in the Breckenridge School District, on holding students back for failing classes.

Valley News Teams Kristi Larson investigated a new program the Breckenridge Middle School is starting to help kids who are falling behind.

"We will not keep a child held back in a grade unless the parent asks us to hold them." Carissa Haugen repeats.

Those are the surprising words Carissa heard when she asked the principals about how to help kids struggling in school. K-8th grade Principal Corinna Erickson says each year about 5 students in the Elementary and Middle School are held back if that is the right decision for the student.

"We discuss it," Principal Erickson explains, "we talk with the parents, we talk with the administration, so look at all the items, not just their grades, but test scores and everything to determine whether or not they are ready to move on." 

But some parents say the decision to allow students to continue on to the next grade could be teaching them bad habits.

"You spent 9 years of your life learning 'I don't gotta do my work, it's not gonna matter I'm just going to go on to the next grade anyway what's it matter?'." Carissa says.

So Breckenridge School is starting a credit recovery program in the summer to help 7th and 8th graders who fail a class.

"We really wanted to make sure that students are ready to move on." Erickson says. "We want to make sure that the students are ready, and this is kind of a step, next years high school so are you ready for that, and ultimately college."

According to school officials, right now about 16 kids between 7th and 8th grade would need to take the summer program to make up failed classes. But the school is also trying to get students to use available resources now to stay ahead later.

"We've really encouraged them to re-focus here at semester break," Erickson says, "do what they need to do to get their grades caught up."

Breckenridge Public Schools has not decided if the credit recovery will be an online or in school program, but assure students would be in the building though-out the summer to get the help they need.

Both the school and parents hope that this new program is a step in the right direction to better prepare students for their future.
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