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How much gas are you really getting?

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In recent weeks we have seen gas prices in our area jump from $3.00 a gallon to as high as $3.40.
It is important to make every drop of precious liquid count, but how you know if you are getting what you paid for?

When you pull up to a gas station what is the first thing you look at on the pump? Although many of us look at the price we're paying, we should be looking at the inspection sticker. Gas Pumps are annually inspected to check that the scales inside are at the correct calibration.

"They block off one pump at a time, they have cans that have exact measurements on them and they pump a certain amount of fuel and if the tolerance isn't there they just bag that pump off," said Don's Car Wash Vice President Dan Durr.   

If a pump is bagged off, that means it needs to be repaired. State inspections stickers are green and other registered service companies that inspect gas stations will be white or yellow. If a pump has a red sticker, it should be not used. If a non-calibrated pump is used, you likely wouldn't even notice, because most times, it falls in favor of the consumer.

The Public Service Commission advises that although every one should look to make sure the stickers are not expired those who live in rural areas should be extra cautious.

"In the rural areas often times those pumps may get overlooked a little, so our inspectors try to get out there and make sure they do what their suppose to do, but that would be the area if you don't see something right, you call the public service commission," said Public Service Commissioner, Brian Kalk.

The Public Service Commission oversees the inspections of the pumps and also keeps tabs on the companies doing the inspections.

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