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The Challenges of Overcoming Addiction

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A tragic end for two parents, who were found dead after an apparent murder-suicide near Alexandria, MN earlier this week. 

Family members say Katie Christopherson and Devin Blowers' battle with child services is what pushed them too far, after they were told they had to go through treatment because the pair had a history of drug problems. 

A friend of Katie and her family knows what it is like trying to overcome addiction.

"When you're in addiction so deep you feel like there's nothing you can do." says Brian Raftevold. "I'm a recovering drug addict so I know exactly where they were at, and these weren't two bad people they had feelings and it's very unfortunate how everything happened."

Brian is trying to now help others who are struggling with addiction, but looking at Katie's Facebook pictures makes him think how not to long ago it could have been him.

"It's a lifetime battle." Brian says shaking his head, "I know what it's like to want to put a gun in your mouth, and it doesn't have to be that way."

He knows that drug addiction is a problem that is happening in the community, he says more than people care to think about. 

"We have limited treatment centers, the one big one if you don't have insurance they aren't going to do nothing for you, I mean it's sad. you know that's the hardest part that people want to shut their eyes to it, and it's everywhere."  Brian says.

Help he wishes could have reached out to Katie.

"The family doesn't want other people to have to have to go through anything like this, and the struggles of addiction are horrible, you know, for everybody involved."

Katie Christopherson's funeral is set for Saturday at Hope Lutheran Church- South Campus. Visitation starts at noon, funeral to follow at 1pm.

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